Pork Pie
Minced pork with an orange glaze topped with green beans in a 5 inch pie plate

Lasagna Rolls
Individual lasagna noodles stuffed with cheeses and topped with tomato meat sauce and more cheese. 2 to a package.

Homestead Chicken Pie
Chicken pieces with cubed potato in a gravy topped with mashed carrot in a 5 inch pie pan

Cabbage Rolls
Two large rolls of extra lean ground beef and rice wrapped in cabbage and covered with our tomato sauce

Home-style Chili
1 pound of lean ground beef in our tomato sauce and spices with both kidney beans and brown beans. Delicious flavor

Maple Baked Beans
Brown beans baked in pure maple syrup infusing great flavour packaged in a 1 pound container

A moist mini loaf of lean beef with tomatoes and topped with rice and kernel corn

Shepherd's Pie (5 inch)
Ground beef in a rich gravy and mixed vegetables topped with creamed potatoes.

Shepherd's Pie (8 inch)
Ground beef in a rich gravy and garden mixed vegetables topped with potatoes.

Maple Squash Beef Pie ( 5 inch)
Lean ground beef flavored with golden veggie spread, green peas & topped with maple butternut squash.

Maple Squash Beef Pie (8 inch)
Lean ground beef and peas in gravy and topped with maple squash.

BBQ Meatballs and Rice
3 meatballs covered in our homemade BBQ mildly spiced Sauce on a bed of rice

Pulled Chicken
A 1/2 pound of shredded chicken in a homemade BBQ sauce. Will make 2 delicious sandwiches or serve with a side of rice

Spaghetti Pie
Beef and tomato sauce on top of a spaghetti crust with lots of cheese in the middle


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