Farm Products

Updated: Dec 27 19
 Created: Nov 20 13

Rowse of vegetables growing inside the greenhouse

Our products are available at Farmers' Markets around the Valley.  Or place your order online.
Pick up your order at Griffith Farm - 146 Griffith Wagner Road, Golden Lake 
or arrange for pickup at a Farmers' Market.


Beef - by the Side Our grass-fed and mixed grain finished beef cut & wrapped to suit your requirements.
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Beef - Freezer Boxes Our beef cattle are grass fed with a mixed grain finish to produce the best tasting meat. The meat is processed at a government inspected facility in Renfrew County and frozen. This is a very lean beef and therefore cooking temperatures and times should be reduced by 25% from traditional cooking.
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Beef - by the Package Our grass-fed and mixed grain finished beef in meal-sized cuts.

Steaks weigh 1 to 2 lb. Roasts weigh 2 to 4 lb.
Please order the approximate weight you need. Final price will reflect actual weight.
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Chicken & Eggs Chicken is half or whole bird. Weight will be 3 - 7 lbs. Eggs can be picked up at the farm
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Pork - by the Side Pork is currently unavailable. Call to inquire.
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Catering Our chef will work with you to create your desired menu. Visit our Facebook page GRIFFITH Farm & Market Catering
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Frozen Meals Wholesome prepared natural food, skilfully prepared, fully cooked and frozen. Just thaw and heat. Meals are made with our own beef and vegetables from the summer garden. No added salt or sugar and no preservatives.
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Gourmet Soups All our soups are homemade beginning with our own soup stock and garden vegetables. The soup is fully cooked and frozen. No added salt or sugar. Thaw, bring to a boil & serve.
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Salads A unique and refreshing blend of vegetables in all our salads. A quick and flavourful option for summer meals.
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Dried Soup Mixes Our dried soup mixes are a healthy mix of lentils, barley, rice or pasta and spices. Combine our dry soup mix with the correct portion of slow cooked meat from the farm for a complete meal.
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